„Like telling a deaf person to listen harder“

Alexandra, 26, wünscht sich, dass Depressionen mit dem gleichen Respekt behandelt werden wie andere Krankheiten.


The stigma surrounding mental health is great, it is misunderstood by many which prevents a lot of people seeking help and speaking out. I have been lucky and not faced that much judgement but I know I am in the most part a solitary case.

It is important that people realise their mental health is not their fault, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain something that can be treated and dealt with. Like any other physical ailment.

Telling someone to just deal with it who has depression is like telling a deaf person to listen harder. Telling someone with anxiety to go out more is telling someone with peanut allergy to eat more peanuts. It doesn´t work like that, like any other physical complaint mental health needs to be treated with the same respect and when everyone starts reading from the same page and the stigma of it is lifted life for people like me would be a whole lot easier.

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